Kirsty Mitchell

Birth name: Kirsty Mitchell
Born: 1976

Nationality: British

Education: London College of Fashion and Ravensbourne College of Art.
Awards: 2014 Grand Prize Winner of the Visual Storytelling, Fictional Narrative Award, LensCulture. 2014 London International Creative Competition, Award Winning Finalist.  2014 Nikon Embassador for Fine Art. 2014 International Photography Awards, 'Honorable Mention' Fine Art Portraiture Category. 2013 International Photography Awards, 'Honorable Mention' Fine Art Category. 2012 Winner of Best Conceptual Photographer, Framed Awards. 2012 Regent Street Queens Jubilee Award. Finalist for Exposure Photography Award 2011 and finalist for One Life Photography Award 2011.

Education: London College of Fashion, Ravensbourne College of Art

Having worked in fashion for a number of years, Kirsty understood the constructed and filmic nature of the photographic image. Building on this, she incorporated childlike whim through the creation of her favorite fairytales that her mother read to her as a child. With minimal support and finances, she built what can be likened to a film set in order to stage each frame. The tailor-made dresses and make-up add an element of high fashion into the work. However, props such as ships, headdresses and books transform the image further; each item carefully built and placed so as to convey a personal sense of imagination.

Kirsty’s oeuvre is whimsical and dream-like. It consists of over 70 photographs that intertwine fantasy, literature and personal mediations. The selection presented shows the breadth and complexity of the highly constructed artworks. The highly saturated colours give a vivid, fairytale quality to each image. Intense contrasts intensify the surreal quality of each work; reality is undermined by the lack of gravity and soft lighting.

Upon completion in November 2014, ‘Wonderland’ immediately won 2 international awards, with over 280,000 followers on its social media. It has been extensively featured throughout the world achieving a viral status online, and has been published by prestigious names such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue Italia, The Guardian, BBC news, Germany’s Spiegel Online and Stern magazine to name but a few. 



Kirsty Mitchell lives and works in Surrey.