Cory Arcangel

Birth Name: Cory Arcangel

Born: 1978, Buffalo, New York

Nationality: American

Education:  Oberlin Conservatory of Music


Cory Arcangel is a Brooklyn-based contemporary artist who works with many different media including drawing, music, video, performance, and video game modifications. Arcangel received his Bachelor of Music degree in Technology of Music from Oberlin Conservatory of Music in 2000, and he eventually began to work as an artist. However, his musical background and performative elements are reflected in many of his works.


Arcangel is best known as a media artist, who explores the relationship between technology and pop culture through media works he creates by using outmoded computer games, videos, software packages, and even the web. One of his representative works is Composition #7 (2010), which is a software mod file for the game Frets on Fire and an open source version of Guitar Hero.


Arcangel has always taken interest in making his work accessible and participatory to the global audience through methods such as blogging. His works have been exhibited in museums, galleries, and biennials both nationally and internationally, with the most notable show being Pro Tools (2011), a solo exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Cory has suffered from thyroid cancer, which affected his works, leading to the creation of “hyper-structuralist” and void of “real content” works.


Cory Arcangel currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.