Amanda Rica Taylor

Amanda Rica Taylor is a visual artist and photographer based in London, UK.  Rica Taylor studied photography under the tutelage of acclaimed reportage photographer and filmmaker Timothy Allen. 


Rica Taylor’s passion for the subject matter that she is drawn to has led her to travel extensively, often in remote regions that are both perilous in terrain and resplendent in beauty.


Rather than taking a documentary approach, Rica Taylor’s artistic practice centres on photographing images of endangered species and cultures that are vulnerable to the inevitable social changes of the 21st century. Careful consideration is given on how to convey the reality and spirituality of each singular subject truthfully, without alluding to the obvious socio-political issues and challenges that continually threaten the survival of these diminishing cultures.


At the core of Rica Taylor’s photography is an acute observation and contemplation on each subject that is thoughtfully considered over many months, long before a camera is used, after which she returns to photograph the subject with a clearer understanding. The reading of natural light rather than reliance on light reading technology is imperative to Rica Taylor’s compositional process, culminating in the realisation of images that are monumental in scale and cinematic in style.


Amanda Rica Taylor continues to travel globally to remote parts of the planet to study and explore the extraordinary diversity of all living things.