Brigitte Niedermair

Birth Name: Brigitte Niedermair

Born: 1971, Merano, Italy

Nationality: Italian

Represented by Mead Carney, London; Galleria Galica, Milan;

Quadriga, Paris and New York

Brigitte Niedermair has been a photographer for over fifteen years, alternating artistic research with fashion shoots. From the beginning, she has created images of exceptional technical and formal perfection; her artistic language is rigorous, accurate in every detail and engages with the subject matter.

Starting out from a work of staged photography in which, with great ethical commitment, she investigated the question of the female body and the transformation of society, she has more recently focused her artistic research in a clearly conceptual direction. Charged with aesthetic and ethical power, the theme of identity, in its most profound, immaterial aspects, is what emerges most powerfully today.

The experience she has built up in these two areas has allowed her to develop a coherent vision of great richness, which has made her one of the most sophisticated and thought provoking photographers within Italian and international art photography.